RVC Infrafund is included into the most active venture capital funds of 2016

An annual ranking of the activity of Russian venture capital funds from Firrma was published, which acts as a strategic partner of RVC partner — EY. According to the rating results, in 2016 the funds made 390 deals - a quarter more than in the previous year.

The rating takes into account funds founded by the Russians or Russian expats working in Russia, and who have committed over the last year at least two venture capital transactions, of which at least one was committed with the participation of a Russian company. The basic parameter of a fund activity evaluation is the number of companies invested in the period from 1 December 2015 to 1 December 2016. The rating is divided into four categories: classical, seed, new and foreign funds. Target Global occupied the first place among classical funds, invested $ 90 million in 21 projects over a year. The most active investor in the "seed" stage became FRII ($ 19.2 million in 91 projects). The leaders in other categories were the Admitad and Numa Invest funds accordingly.

RVC Infrafund, RVC Biofond and RVC Seed Fund also were among the most active funds. Thus, RVC Infrafund, at the end of 2015, bought a stake in the engineering company ECAT that develops solutions to reduce harmful emissions in the oil and gas industry, as well as to invest in the creation of ElTehProgress Engineering Center. RVC Biofond, whose portfolio includes the EkzoAtlet Company, in turn, invested in the company RTM Diagnostics, which specializes in the design and manufacture of devices for the diagnosis of breast cancer.

In addition to the growth of the overall activity of venture funds, recorded an increase in the number of transactions in the seed stage - from 136 to 207. Classic funds have concluded 147 deals, the amount of the top five investment exceeded $ 160 million. The number of funds launched and started to invest in this year, slightly decreased. In 2016, just four funds began their work, in 2015 — six, and in 2014 — five. The number of foreign funds that entered the Russian venture capital market over the past two years has increased by 3.5 times. Unlike 2014, when only five foreign funds invested in start-ups in Russia, in 2016 brought us as many as 17 of them. In total, in 2016, they carried out 32 investments, which is more than two times higher than last year. In 2016, Russian funds committed 53 exits, which is 2 times more than in 2015 (27).

"The market is beginning to recover; its condition inspires moderate optimism. Previously, it grew up based on investments in mature companies, but this flow is weak, and it is now shifting towards the early stage projects. Every year, the funnel increases and quality supply of start-ups is also increasing. There is a number of positive trends in the university ecosystem that will facilitate commercialisation of technologies. Therefore, in the coming years, we are waiting for growth through a new generation of companies", commented on the results of the rating Evgeniy Kuznetsov, Acting General Director of RVC.

Among the key transactions of the passing year — a partial exit from InVenture Partners Gett (a deal with Volkswagen for $ 300 million). In addition, as a result of the purchase by Mail.Ru of the mobile games Developer Pixonic AddVenture and Kite Ventures exit the project. The total purchase price amounted to $ 30 million.

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